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unit that will teach your students how to complete research and essay writer a research paper. Each lesson has been constructed in the Writers Workshop model. If you have never used the Writers Workshop model before, this unit is perfect; with its scripted text and completed teacher examples, it walks you through the entire process! (Common Core State Standards are aligned and included as well for you to add right into your plan book!)

I’ve used this successfully in my classrooms with both younger and older elementary school students! Because of its structure, this can easily be adapted to teach lower grades (3,4) as well as higher elementary (5,6)!

1. Scripted Lessons
2. Materials to put together a research folder for each student
3. Over 20 Anchor Charts
4. Writing Graphic Organizers
5. Conferencing Tips for when you meet with students one-on-one to discuss their writing
6. Teacher Writing Examples and a full essay for you to use during the modeling portion of each lesson. There are examples to use throughout the entire unit from brainstorming to publishing.
7. A Tracking Sheet to record student progress

In addition to the writing lessons, these lessons are also included:
1.What is a thesis statement? How do I write one?
2.How to use a dictionary for spelling errors.
3.How to write a basic bibliography.
4.How to use commas in a list.
5.How to restate the thesis statement Ways Essay Writing Topics Can Make Your Life Better and supporting details in a different way (partner activity).
6.How to write an attention grabber or a “hook” for the introduction paragraph.
7.How to use and add transition words.
8.How to “show, not tell” a fact.

Greatly as it helps me determine which products are most valuable for your classroom so I can create more for you. If you have any concerns or any of my resources are not what you expected, please contact me first before leaving feedback so I can have a chance to fix it for you!

The perfect writer’s workshop for teaching argument writing! This month-long workshop is broken down into small, manageable steps which will keep your students engaged and excited.