How To Manage Research Questions

Let’s say a student comes to me and says that they want to wreck do this project that there is absolutely no way they can possibly you say okay do have you read anything they say no you say reading this and and I’ll I’ll I’m going to walk you through some steps and just many other steps that I think the other reactions to this problem all right students often formulate these such questions based on secondary sources anything does anyone know exactly what I’m talking about is it’s not our job as as writers to just report back whatever Pete what’s that all too often young people eighty nine year olds twenty seven girls all right babies will inspire our influence a lot biased by scholars they really secondary sources. Learn more about research questions and managing info at Edusson.

They read you who they think are really interesting people who they want to be people whose careers they want to emulate and they tend to cut instead of engaging in a conversation the secondary sources codify the conclusions which is which is definitely a problem any other thoughts is it a problem to codify the conclusions and stylish because once you codify a conclusion of the scholar that’s not a secondary sources that’s a primary source because you’re discussing it as you’re engaging differently I think that’s important thing is evaluating the sources that you have recognizing that certain sources may be biased one direction or another and and you see that problem of students just taking what the secondary source says absolutely if they’re reading primary sources then you know you can tackle the question or focus on question in that’s coming out in all the right resources that scholars do not agree about and use that to formulate the question that you’re going to look into you have others that answered it and then you’re you’re combining and that you’re part of your task is now to potentially evaluate the different positions yeah that makes for space for everything that’s a jerk right I’ll try try to talk about more lines manage orden I’m sorry what is a research paper and give a few definitions that is downriver what are you well I are we talking about a research paper in terms of let’s go grab a bunch of sources from the library and try and you know.

Wrestle them is it an essay prompt they’re responding to an essay is it you know that idea born out of some reading from the course they were exploring and worked out you know how long is it is this sort of business at full if it’s a ten recorder is it uh is it a project for the whole court is it a capstone sort of thing or is it somewhere in between what to answer your question I think I think what I the way I was formulating this was a term paper a paper that is the work of a student to be to evaluate that student on the word for a 10-week work or 15 week semester but it could not really being able yet imagine right as long as they’re going and finding some readings apart from what’s been assigned been quite a party is right it’s clearly all those things.